Study in USA

The United States of America hosts the major number of international students seeking study opportunity as international student. Unique curriculum, multicultural environment and post education work opportunities are the main reasons why Bangladeshi students choose USA for their undergraduate and post graduate programs. Besides, USA universities provide a huge number of training courses for professional career development and diplomas.

Top courses to study in USA

When study opportunity in overseas comes up in any conversation, USA is the number one name in the seekers lips. The reason is very common. With nearly 14, 00,000 international college and university students enrolled in its numerous universities. As a long way as the global schooling is concerned USA stands the tallest. Be it the wide variety of options within the programs, USA College and universities preserve to lure the ever increasing mass of overseas Students.

USA University List:

What documents will be required to submit?

1. Valid Passport

2. All Academic Documents (Certificates & Mark Sheets)
3. IELTS / Medium of Instruction Letter
4. Complete CV and Photo
5. 2 recommendation letters from the University (For Master’s degree)
6. All Academic Papers must be attested and Sealed by the exam Controller or Register.